The Joel Goldsmith Audio normally found on this page will no longer be heard.  Read below to find out why.


I started my spiritual journey at the age of 11 and it wasn't until I was 39 that I discovered freedom in God through the works of Joel S. Goldsmith.  Being a student of The Infinite Way for over 12 years, the actual spiritual transformation occurred about four years ago while I listened to a portion of one of his tapes several times a day for over a month.  You will find the transcript of that portion of the tape called "A Meditation on God's Presence" in the navigation below.  I give all the credit for my spiritual advancement to Joel S. Goldsmith in as much as he released me from his teachings and showed me the path to enlightenment without attachment. I also give credit to three loving followers of Joel Goldsmith and spiritual practitioners, Sam Leone, Julia Davidson and Jasha Salter.  This is why I no longer need his books or teachings.  Over two years ago, at the age of 56, I put away Joel's books because I found this Oneness and no longer needed someone else's words to bring me the ultimate realization.  I had wanted to do this for some time but was fearful of feeling alone.   What a surprise when I discovered that the only loneliness I had ever experienced was in needing an outside source to follow. This kind of freedom can be experienced without such a long wait.  The reason I waited and waited was there was no one to tell me to cut the strings of attachment.  I just did it to find out what was on the other side.  I was already there but didn't know I should let go.  

I discovered that all the truth and revelations that occurred in reading Joel's books had been in my consciousness all along and the reading was my belief to release it.  Little did I know that the release would have occurred in any path I chose.  The "Kingdom of God" had always been within me and it has always been within you.  You have just not had anyone release it for you like this before.  You will also be able to let go and experience this kind of freedom in God.  Remember God is to be found in non-attachment.   My recollections of experiences merely give you the permission to let go in time.  There have been many saviors or "life guards" if you will,  that showed the way.   Jesus being the most familiar.  Many of you are swimming and some may feel they are drowning but The Kingdom of God (your life guard) is within you and I merely want to show you He is there watching you as you swim in your spiritual journey.  Fear not, you will not drown. 

You might say my spiritual "studies" were the road or path I needed to find the ultimate Truth that "I and my Father are One".  The reading and "studying", once I graduated, only showed me that which I sought needed no outside influence or "studying".  It gave permission to my reasoning brain to go "outside to bring something in", while the REAL "spiritual journey" was taking place "inside" where it needed no reading or studying from the outside.  I did not bring "The Kingdom Of God" into my experience.   The Kingdom Of God (ONENESS) brought my human experience into it.

For the past 6 years, Gail, my wife, and I have unselfishly offered this web site as a compilation of our spiritual experiences before and after becoming Infinite Way Students.  We have never asked for a penny for any help we have given to thousands.  We have our own business, Video/Graphics,, which supplies our material needs.  We have devoted over 20 hours a week to corresponding with spiritual seekers all over the world.  Below you will find the reasons we no longer have the Goldsmith audio on this page.  We are exercising our freedom of speech rights in telling this story.

The Joel Goldsmith Audio normally found on this page will no longer be heard.  Below, you will find the letter stating why.  We will no longer provide the location to buy tapes to all the people who have asked where to obtain them .   For over 5 years we have sent thousands of people to the location where they could buy the tapes but now we are no longer able to even mention the organization in this web site according to the letters below. If you think this decision was unfair, please contact the firm in the letter below.   All accusations in the letter are untrue as they are stated. The Joel Goldsmith book list is still available at the end of this page.  The only reason we put any of Joel S. Goldsmith (The Infinite Way) materials on our web site is because it was the spiritual path Gail and I chose in 1982, and we thought it would benefit other spiritual seekers.  The Infinite Way office phone number, email, address, or web site was given to those who inquired about tapes.
For a full and detailed explanation of the removal of the audio, subscribers to our newsletter can read about it in the December issue.

According to the page above, we had the term "infinite way".  Geri McDonald owns the name "The Infinite Way®", not "infinite way".  Could this be a mistake of the attorney in demanding that we remove the term "infinite way"?   After all, there are many infinite ways.  In addition to the keywords, "infinite way", we also have the following keywords in our metatags, "prayer, meditation, metaphysics, universal Truth, absolute Truth, alternative healing, Bible truth, Christ consciousness, higher consciousness, does God exist, is there a God, healing power, learn to meditate, new age, Unity, New Thought, Religious Science, spiritual awakening, presence of God, Unity religion, loneliness, accidents, children, relationships, worry, housing, finances, alcoholism, divorce, death, forgiveness, pain, disease, illness, health, pregnancy, mental health, metaphysical teachings, Christianity, Christian Science, healing, inspiration, illumination, spiritual understanding, spiritual growth, mysticism, modern mystics, spiritual teacher, spiritual interpretations, Spiritual counselor, spiritual advisor, spiritual guidance, direction, Robert Gupton, Gail Gupton"

This is a photo of the original reel to reel tape that was given to us by an Infinite Way Practitioner, Julia Davidson in Atlanta, that we got the excerpt audio from that played as an embedded audio file on this page.  This audio was not downloadable and played within 10 seconds after entering this page.  Therefore, there was no tape piracy as indicated by the attorney's letter.

Ms. Thelma G. (Geri) McDonald, Stepdaughter to Joel Goldsmith:

I believe the vicious attacks by your Lawyer John Titus on Robert Gupton and various other websites is against all the teachings of Joel Goldsmith. This is nothing but pure greed, maliciousness and against all Joel's
principles. If this is the future of "The Infinite Way", I want nothing to do with it and will pass my feelings on to the thousands of other spiritually minded people that I work and have friendships with.

I am disgusted by your actions.

If you care to comment on my thoughts, you have my e-mail address.


As a student of Joel Goldsmith for over 25 years, it disturbs me that your organization has shut down Mr. Gupton's audio at the videographics site--the transmission of a single Joel Goldsmith lecture that I'm sure has inspired

While I understand your legal position, and I agreed with your position in the previous squabble with Lorraine Sinkler, Mr. Gupton's transmission of the audio has had no financial gain or motive. Moreover, it was a valuable
service that you could have set up yourselves--but failed to do so. From a purely financial aspect, being able to hear one of Joel's tapes on the web, is more likely to help than hurt your own tape sales, but inspiring students
to want more.

I'm tired of you hiding behind quotes from Joel on these matters: your are enforcing the letter of the law as you see applicable for your financial gain, rather than representing the spirit of Joel Goldsmith or the teachings
he presented, which come from a higher source.

You are making a mistake, and I don't think Joel would be happy about this, but I'm coming to believe that it's only about money anyway. I am sorry for Joel and his students.

Michael McCarthy

Aloha -
I suspected something was amock when I discovered that Lorraine Sinkler was "dismissed" by Emma Goldsmith as editor of Infinite Way writings. I thought, 'WOW' what's this all about. She was SOOOOOO responsible for turning the spoken word into the written word. I'm wondering if anything of substance could have been successfully published without her and her sister [Valborg]. If you haven't read her book "A Spiritual Odyssey" it might be worth your while to check it out. A compilation of her letters to Joel over the span of their relationship is very interesting in that it provides a comparison of the growth of a student who had direct access to Joel compared to your own, or in my case, to a student who had no access except through his writings, and no contact with any other Infinite Way students - a lone journey indeed.

And there were a couple of things I saw on the Infinite Way website that raised a red flag. I kept thinking, "Joel would never have permitted this." At first I was outraged and 'was going to do something about it!.' but then something said 'mind your own business.' There was no devine calling to do anything.

It's been 40 - 45 years since I tripped over one of Joel's books and fell flat on my face so to speak. I remember buying every book I could get my hands on at Kroch and Brentannos in Chicago and being glued to those books for days and days and days overwhelmed and uttering words like, 'yes! yes! this is it.' And over the decades I've died and been reborn over and over again and again and again with no end in sight - thank God.

Well, after reading your website and the legal hassel, I'm sure you both have realized that Ms. Geri is not enlightened and The Infinite Way has fallen into disarray. Ego and truth simply don't mix. When enlightenment is there - nothing of an erroneous nature can prevale - period!

What I can't figure out is why Joel didn't take the necessary steps to prevent The Infinite Way from falling into the wrong hands. He seemed to be so determined not to let happen what has actually happened. A simple document outlining how it should be handled and placed in trust would have taken care of it. To let it pass down the line of succession just doesn't sound like a Joel thing at all. But that is neither here nor there - what's done is done. And who knows, maybe this is the way it should end. Opens the way for truth to come forward in a different format.

One thing that I do find perplexing is the lack of his books in the stores I've been into. Years ago when I first became aware of The Infinite Way, bookstores had shelves and shelves and whole sections devoted to his writings. Now I'm lucky if I see one or two of his books. And other greats like Fox, Trine, Hall, Nicoll. Some have disappeared completely. Maybe I'm going into the wrong stores - who knows.

Lord only knows what will happen when Ms. Geri moves on. Probably will deteriorate even further. But hey! truth will prevale and appear through another source when necessary. And as Joel always said - probably in a better form then he was able to do. Although I think he did a pretty good job. I've gone on too much. Blessing on your heads.

Aloha ahiahi E malama pono [Good evening and take care]

Good Evening,

I just wanted to take a moment to commend you on your stand with the "Infinte Way Tape Reproduction Center" and Geri Mac Donald. It is unfortunate that you along with others using the Web to further spiritual understanding have been "attacked" in the manner that has occurred. Because who you are shouts so loudly it then becomes a karmic issue for the "attacker" and will unfold accordingly. You on the other hand are freed and free to continue to express and share your en-light-ended consciousness with those who come to drink and they will receive the water of life and light through you. Continue to listen and do the work. It is right.

In loving oneness

Dear Bob and Gail:

It appears that Geri has missed the boat on the teaching of Joel. She seems to be a bit paranoid about Joel's teachings and the value of the tapes. I think we should feel sorry for her and the staff for missing the gist of Joel's message. Some good old Goldsmith meditation is called for here. She needs help and not pity.

I think Geri must have told the attorney what to say in the letter he sent you. I can't imagine a lawyer using such convoluted logic. Your response to the attack on your website is typical of the attack Geri has made on others that have contributed to sharing Joel's work through the Internet. Joel is pleased with your efforts.

I support your approach to continue the work of Joel through the Internet. I know there will be many others that will take up the message he gave the world. You have permission to add this E-mail to your website.

Thank you with blessings,

John & Nona

Dear Gail & Robert,

I just wanted to let you know how concerned I am about  this latest litigious move by Geri through her lawyer.

It seems inconceivable to me that a truly spiritual individual would resort to such a worldly and material means to
obtain their end. How her lawyer must chuckle at the antics of these so-called spiritual people as he pockets his fees.

I'm sure the New Testament teaches somewhere that the people of God are not to sue one another and drag one
another into court (that the good news about Christ may not become a laughing stock among the heathen).

For one person to say who may or may not use the term 'The Infinite Way' on a Web site or some other publication
seems quite contrary to the very spirit of all Joel's teaching, as I understand it.

Also, I cannot see how this divisive action can be justified from any of Joel's writings.

Joel seemed to have a vision of a great blessing for the whole world -- something made without human hands --
breaking out of the 'egg-shell' of The Infinite Way' as general spiritual consciousness evolved. Only yesterday
I was listening to one of Joel's tapes when these prophetic words arrested my attention ...

"The day will come when this (activity of truth) will go on in the world without the name 'Infinite Way', without Christian Science, because one of these days people will be ready to understand that this isn't something that somebody owns, or discovers or can transmit -- (but) that it is an activity of Christ in individual consciousness." Joel S Goldsmith -- Tape 127 Kailua Study Group (1955)

I'm sure that time has now come and is evidenced by the rapidly growing number of spiritual meditation groups, teachers of true Selfhood and publications on spiritual enlightenment and 'Christ'-consciousness. One sees this in the emergence of contemporary teacher/writers like Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now). Often, I believe, the reason these insightful beings can bring so much light to us today is because they stand on the shoulders, so to speak, of giants like Joel and the other true mystics and seers of the past.

The silly part about this sad and seemingly vindictive prohibition is that it is only enforceable where American
law has jurisdiction. The Internet is vast, as you know, and how could Geri stop Web site owners or book
publishers etc. outside the USA using the term 'The Infinite Way' if they wished to do so.

In the end, what is most important about this for us comes down to the 'rose by any other name' principle.
By this I mean, that what mattered to Joel, and what also must matter to us is, that we go on steadily
growing in our experience of conscious union with 'Christ' and then we will not need to worry about minor
issues such as what this body of truth is called or by what name is given to the activity of Infinite Being.

Please be assured of our loving support and oneness with you at this time and with all those who walk this
mystic way. Remember ... all things work together for good .... must work together for good ... cannot do
otherwise than work together for the good of those that love truth and are allowing that truth to live through them.

Your Wayfaring friend,

Western Australia

Dear Bob and Gail,

Yes I have been a student of THE INFINITE WAY since 1952.

I own every Infinite Way tape that is in the catalog.

I have not been very impressed with Geri McDonald and I have been thinking of not taking the LETTER any more because whoever writes the LETTER does not know a thing about the I/W

My ownly reason I have subscribed to the LETTER is that I could see what all the students that receive the LETTER what tape they are working with. Why should I read Geri McDonald when I have the original message from Joel. I seldom study the Letter as each year I take my copy to a print shop here in Fresno,.California and have the LETTER put into spiral binding. I have every letter since 1952. I see what books sell for today and my hard bound Infinite Way books such as 1957 LETTERS cost me only $3.50 and the book is hard bound copy.

One of my friend e-mailed me information about your website. I am new to the computer as I am 80 yers old and I am just now going to Adult school learning the computer. I have only been on the Internet less than 3 months.

Yes, I still read each day a chapter from one of Joel's books as well as I listen to my Joel tapes often all night long. My wife made her transiton in July 1998. We came into the Infinite Way together in 1952. We were married for 50 years.

I would enjoy knowing other Infinite Way students so I can write to and tell about my 50 year as an Infinite Way student. I knew most of the original 5 teachers that Joel had. I saw Joel only once speak when he came here to Fresno in 1960. Now you have my e-mail address. My name is Jere Benet and I live at 3636 N. Wishon avenue in Fresno. California 93704.

Maybe some Infinite Way student would like to know me. I was in business for myself for 52 years as actually I am not retired totally as I am still a licensed barber. When I sold my commercial property where my shop was located in the year 2000 I sold the property and moved one room over here to my home. I have no sign and no business officially. I only take those that have been with me before 1970. I retired just like Joel and never sought a client and know that ALL RIVERS FLOW TO THE SEA BUT MY OWN WILL COME TO ME.

I think Geri McDonald is shooting the golden goose that laid the golden egg. When I heard about this I just know there is no one her but GOD. ONLY GOD IS PRESENT. WHAT EVER TAKES PLACE IN TIME OR SPACE IS "THIS WORLD" IN MY KINGDOM THERE IS NO TIME AND THERE IS NO SPACE SO ACTUALLY IN TRUE THERE IS NOT SUCH PERSON ONLY THE INVISIBLE CHRIST SELF IS HERE.



Dear Gail,

I have been receiving your newsletter, which I enjoy,and have read and studied the works of Joel Goldsmith for 30 +years. I have a library of most of his books. Just recently I gave away all of the Unity books which I had for the same reason as you stated in your most recent newsletter and perhaps it is time to consider lightening up on the Goldsmith books as well. They are still however, in my mind, like old friends of which are sometimes hard to part. Nevertheless the time often comes when it is correct to do so. In regard to the letter from the attorney, Ananda, a spiritual group in California , who teach and share the teachings of Yogananda, just won a law suit which had been 12 years running claiming by the headquarters of Self Realization Fellowship, that they had total rights to his works. It was decided that they did not. How sad that this happens, but time and again after the founder is gone and the "organization " takes over, the control issues emerge.

And that is all it is...control and fear. Neither Yogananda nor Joel Goldsmith would have felt this way I am sure. If so, they would not be living their own teachings. Well, that's the crux of the matter, the organizations are Not living the teachings and cannot for after all an organization is impersonal. Only individuals can live the truth. Joel Goldsmith never wanted an organization for very good reasons. He was a wise man who knew what would happen. Nobody owns the Truth but they certainly do try don't they? Perhaps it is time to teach The Truth in your own name, if you feel led to share the letter of the law with others. As you said, it is now a part of you. The truth is the truth is the matter under whose name it is. Or perhaps it should be under no name!!!

That is probably the safest route. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear, and they will.
I, personally thought at one point in my life that I wanted to be a teacher of truth, but was unable to find any avenue, in the way of a group or organization through which I could teach that would not strangle it, arrange it, codify it , etc. So, I decided to just live it. To Be It. And So Be It.

I often still think it would be nice to have a more formal way to share with others, but as of yet I don't know what that would be. No one has approached me lately to hear what I have to say!!! HA HA.

I totally shy away from anything that has a teacher/student orientation for we are all both.
Anyway, I do like to share and do when I can. Like right now, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you. You are someone I would like to know.

With Love,
Pat Saienga

Dear Bob and Gail

Many thnks for the newsletters

I am so sad that the IW organisation has gone so far from Joels teaching, and
that you, who have done so much to carry on the spirit of the IW have been
'ordered' to cease doing so.

Never mind! Perhaps this is all in right ordering. Maybe the True spirit of
Joels teaching is that it should carry fprward under new names, once the
Spirit has revealed itself and authorised the new work. While there\ are many
who are using the IW name, there are also many who bringing the spirit of
Oneness under different names to those who seek. It seems to me as though the
IW ORGANISATION (which in fact is an illusion as it is not authorised by the
Spirit) is only concerned with finance. How sad!!! Of course, the same
problem arose with Lorraine.

I have been teaching the IW from my own consciousness, and working as a
practitioner within it, but will now cease to use the name, though I will
still recommend those of Joels original books (IW, Contemplative Life and Art
of Spiritual Healing, Parenthesis and Thunder) which have inspired me the
most. I wait on the Spirit to bring a new name - or to continue as a nameless

Thank you for all you are doing
All Blessings
Jim Pym

I was disappointed not to be able to listen to the Joel Goldsmith audio tape, but the reason was clear. It is unfortunate that someone has the tapes based on man's law ... when Joel Goldsmith himself stated that we should never use the legal system in any way ... Jesus said the same thing.

Thank you for this wonderful web site.

Rev.Henry Lee Bates - - Palm Springs, CA

I have not explored a great deal on your site as I went through the
letters and the legal mess first. This in itself was enough to connect with
you. It is so sad that the "good" in the wrong hands, becomes "bad". I was
somewhat shocked by the so called peacemakers when their demonstrations
turned so violent. I do not understand, they are against war but they are
vicious and brutal even to the horses to get their point across. So now, in
the name of Spirituality, this person has lashed out at you and the good
that you do , because you are doing it with "her" product. It is sad again
when greed takes over the real goal here. She wants to spread the good news
but she wants to be paid for it. Little does she know she has cut off her
nose to spite her face and as long as her intentions are where they are,
(the wrong place) she will never gain the true wealth of peace and
happiness. She is looking for material wealth, recognition, and success to
fill a void that cannot be filled with these means. It is ONLY when you
"GIVE" that you really get paid. The rewards for giving freely way exceed
the wages for working and selling for gain. Thank you for what you stand for
and what you are giving. I can be a strong supporter of that.

Karen Sides , Salisbury, NC

Final word: 3:03AM THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2002

I believe the real reason that The Infinite Way office chose to use human methods to silence Joel's tape and threaten us is that I made the statement that "one day you will graduate and put down Joel's books and tapes and have your own illumination", as Joel himself expressed to his students.

I feel I must tell those of you who understand what is happening that after some time in meditation, I realized that what I foretold Gail is actually happening.  You see, early this year, I wanted to take off everything mentioning Joel, as I felt it was time to do my own thing.  Gail told me not to do that because so many are being helped by it.   I agreed and ended by saying that it would have to be taken off by someone else.   I have wanted to finish my book and reveal what has been in my consciousness for some time.  Time and money always seemed to stop that.  But now, because of VERY surprising business increases in the past two months, I now have the money and time starting after Christmas to complete my written work.  These series of surprising events have awakened me to what did just seem like a daydream.  This is very important and what events happen during this time could be no worse than the open heart surgery I went through in April of this year.  Life has changed in such a dramatic way that the glimpse I have of what I am to do has the human Bob Gupton having false visions of impossibility.  But upon reflection, I have never believed in that word and my life experience and Realization have put the machinery of my body and mind to task, embarking upon Truth that is possible to understand by everyone without clouds, doubts, fears, needs, or reason.....just pure Realization.  Geri was the intervening factor and may continue to cause what would seem like trouble but that is the disguise.  The truth embodied in everyone's consciousness is what Joel revealed and, continue as it may, in the consciousness of someone willing to do what humanly he doesn't really desire the responsibility of. 


Joel to Students

Teacher and Teaching


Here is a copy of a letter Joel sent out Jan. 27, 1964.  It will explain to

you how he felt about this work and inheritance.

"Dear Friend:

I am under divine orders to the extent that there shall be NO INFINITE WAY

ORGANIZATION, and for seventeen or more years of Infinite Way activity I

have had to be very, very alert because so many attempts have been made to

organize in ways that students did not realize would LEAD to organization.

At this time I wish to bring this to your attention:  If you have a study

center or a tape group, and if you have furniture, or furnishings, or

Infinite Way tapes and books, please MAKE A WILL and leave these to your

estate and not to any successor.  You can stipulate in your will that your

executor can offer any of these things for sale to anyone who wishes to buy

them and, if you like, you can even designate a very low price in order to

make others able to buy them and continue the work if they wish, but in

this way you will be insuring that there is no succession, therefore no

organization, therefore no legal entity.

To have an Infinite Way Study Center is the demonstration and the activity

of the CONSCIOUSNESS of an individual, and no one can inherit this from

you.  And no one can succeed to a tape group you have established, because

this is also the externalization of what you have established in your

CONSCIOUSNESS.  But if you have a stock of tapes or books available,

whoever it is who wishes to purchase them and undertake the activity makes

it an individual activity of their own.

In kingdoms there is a succession, and it is for this reason that there are

no kingdoms left on earth. Even in England it is really only a form, and

the reason is this: No son and no daughter of a king or queen can inherit

their parents' consciousness.  It is for this reason that no provision is

made for a President to hand down his office to a son, and so it is in

business.  How many fathers have tried to hand down their businesses to

their children, and how few have succeeded.  And in spiritual matters this

is even more true.

As the leader of an Infinite Way center or an Infinite Way tape group,

please understand that you cannot confer your demonstration upon anyone

else.  Therefore, you will never train anyone to succeed you.


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