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Joel Goldsmith once delivered a message on the subject of supply to a group of students who said it was the best, most inspirational and moving lecture they had ever heard. No one knew it at the time, but it was discovered later that the tape player was not operational during this very uplifting talk. So absorbed in the spirit, Joel stated he did not remember anything he said. Likewise, so absorbed in listening, his students could not remember anything he said either. Thus the message was reportedly "lost".

I want to tell you of an experience that happened two days ago. The subject was not one of supply but rather one on "perfection".

For the last 4 - 5 years, my husband, Bob, has been having trance-like spoken meditations where we both feel the indescribable presence of God. Bob as the deliverer, and Gail as the recipient. These experiences have been coming more frequently and more intense over the last year, ever since Bob's heart surgery. Because of his heightened consciousness our monetary income has tripled over the last 12 months, expending only 6 hours per day in our business with the rest of the day or night allowing for meditation.

Two days ago a beautiful spoken meditation lasted over two hours, without a break. I cannot recall the words and the tape player was not on; I only know it moved me to tears as I felt the essence of Truth permeating into my being. The message went right past my brain and absorbed into my soul. Gail felt light and enlightened.

Two hours seemed like 20 minutes. A situation had arisen that was translucently negative in nature. This situation called out for the truth, subsequently manifesting as a very profound declaration.

Bob was sitting in his chair and had closed his eyes. Every once in awhile I would jot down what sounded like powerful topics, as though chapters in a book. These came from the essence of what I was receiving through the words spilling out through the mouth of Bob and which I perceived as fresh spring water pouring into me. These are the interpretations of the feelings I experienced and recognized as coming through him, and this is exactly what I wrote and the order in which I wrote:

1. The Light of Spiritual Consciousness
2. Expunging the Pain of Life
3. The Essence of All There Is
4. Beyond the Sense of Human Consciousness
5. Forsaking the Human Ego
6. Understanding the Sense of Self
7. Accepting Nothing but Perfection

The above subjects seemingly fit the context of the messages I was hearing. In the middle of his trance I realized this beautiful meditation, of which I would not be able to remember, needed to be heard by more than just me. As I blotted the tears, now accumulating and streaming down my cheeks, I envisioned others reaching for the Kleenex box if only they could hear it, too.

I realized in that moment my purpose is not just to write a newsletter or correspond with people. I realized my purpose is to make sure I have a tape recorder readily at hand and that I begin taping these impromptu sessions to share with others; that they be not "lost" in the human realm of time or space. Capturing the essence is up to each individual as one recognizes the Truth as omnipotent. In this realization I have decided to henceforth give you, in future newsletters, transcriptions of what is recorded when the Presence is, indeed, omnipresent.

Many people have indicated they would like to read the book, "Beyond Prayer and Meditation", by Robert Gupton. However, the author has told me he has no desire to finish it or publish it himself - only if a third party is interested in publishing it for him will it ever be available. As supply is of no concern to him, Bob has disassociated himself with any monetary gain in hopes of selling a book. He just wants to give away what has been given to him. I hope to do that in the way of transcriptions on a monthly basis until such time as the spirit moves one of us, or both of us, to do elsewise. I welcome any feedback you might offer regarding this.

In appreciation of a recent gift to Beyond Prayer and Meditation, we have modified our web site to allow personal accounts of spiritual growth from our visitors. We are giving away very nice gifts to those whose stories are chosen for use on the web site. Please visit the page entitled "Your Stories" for the details in how to submit your own story of an awakened consciousness or spiritual experience that changed your life and the possibility of receiving one of the gifts which have been given to us.

All is well.